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Various icons, wallpapers, layouts and more!

LOL! Graphix

|%| Welcome |%|

Welcome to LOL! Graphix. LOL!G is a free graphics Livejournal where you can find icons, desktop wallpapers, layouts, and more. We feature graphics of many different subjects and at times we will accept new graphic artists to post to the community. Please read on for more information!

Layout (c) L.uca (shi_sha_hariken)
Layout Code from snubbly; Edited by Myself
Userinfo (c) L.uca (shi_sha_hariken); Profile Code from reversescollide

Images from Planet Renders & Aethreality.Net

|%| Information |%|

|+| Please give credit where credit is due
|+| Posters will have their own rules in their post. Please read them carefully
|+| Do not direct/hotlink to any of the images in this community. Save them to your harddrive and then upload them to somewhere like Photobucket
|+| If you are requesting graphics of a certain subject, please only request it in the monthly request post which is posted on the last Friday of each month

Rules may change at any time!

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|+| If you would like to become an affiliate of LOL! Graphix, please leave a comment.

LOL! Graphix (c) L.uca (shi_sha_hariken)